Vacation Packages to Florence, Italy

Vacation Packages to Florence, Italy

Florence is the largest city in Tuscany, Italy. It is famous because of its arts, architectural history, and boutique shopping. Some of the best museums in Italy can be found in Florence, including the Uffizi, the Palatine Gallery and galleria dell’Accademia. In addition, Michelangelo’s David, one of the most reproduces statues in the world, is found in Florence. Now, isn’t Florence a great place to spend your vacation?

Getting vacation packages to Florence, Italy is very easy. is the right place to start your search. Euro vacation packages to Florence, Italy offer a wide selection of specially selected hotels with free breakfast. Might as well book car rentals, rail tickets and passes, and tours, so that you will be able to see and enjoy more of Florence at a great value. But before you book any vacation packages to Florence, Italy, you should know when is the best time to visit there so as to avoid spoiling your vacation.

The best time to visit Florence is in May, early June, late September, and October. During those months, the days are usually warmer and quite longer. While in July and August, the days are hot and humid with many tourists. And since Italians leave their hot cities in the summer, several restaurants are closed in Florence. If you are planning to take a vacation on July or August and not wanting to miss out on seeing Florence, might as well combine your trip to the city with a few days on the Italian coast like the Amalfi Coast. This way you can both take pleasure in the must-see sights and relax.

As for your accommodation, hotels can be the first choice for everyone. Here is another tip on how to choose the best hotel to stay. While hotels near the train station area may be less pricey and perfect, but if you’re staying only for a night or two, the more comfortable and commonly Florentine hotels are to the southeast of the station. The ones near the Ponte Vecchio della Signora and Piazza del Duomo. Just make sure to ask for a room away from the street for it tents to get noisy in the evenings, though things quiet down around midnight or so. If you are staying for several and you don’t like to stay in a hotel, you can choose among the many vacation rentals in Florence such as apartments or villas.

Now that you have helpful tips as to when best time to visit Florence, Italy is and where to stay, you can now prepare and create vacation packages to Florence, Italy that suits you best. There are actually plenty of vacation packages to Florence, Italy. You may check on Euro Vacations for the available vacation packages. But if you design your own, you can be certain that all the places you wish to visit will be included in your list. It’s your choice!