Cheap Flights to Copenhagen

Cheap Flights to Copenhagen

Located on a Danish island called Sjælland, Copenhagen is Denmark’s fabulous royal capital. The city slowly unfolds to visitors, especially if you’re looking at it on top view, although does not really have a stunning impact; it gives a rather calm and gentle appeal at first glance.

The city of Copenhagen is well-linked to southern Sweden through the Øresund Bridge. The Copenhagen Airport Kastrup serves the most international flights, including several low cost airlines that provide cheap flights to Copenhagen. Copenhagen Airport Kastrup is the major Danish airport, located eight kilometers southeast of Copenhagen and well connected to southern Sweden. Discount airlines being served by this airport that offer cheap flights to Copenhagen include:

The first-ever low-cost Scandinavian airline, Sterling serves direct flights between Southern Europe and Scandinavia, as well as among Scandinavian countries. The airline flies to Scandinavian destinations such as Copenhagen, Oslo, Bergen, Billund, Stavanger, Malmø, Stockholm, and Gothenburg. The airline provides competitive cheap flights to Copenhagen on an easy pricing notion, offers quick and easy booking through the internet or telephone, as well as focusing on quality.

Air Berlin
Air Berlin is one of Europe’s third biggest discount airlines with over 13.5 million travelers in 2005. It is also one of the airlines that offer cheap flights to Copenhagen, and operates between Germany and other well-known destinations for vacations in southern Europe, as well as several European cities.

This airline is one of Europe’s biggest no-frills, discount flight networks. It flew over 30.3 million travelers in 2005. The airline serves ten UK bases and six European bases, and offers cheap flights to Copenhagen as well. Other destinations of the airline include Croatia, England, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Morocco, and several other places.

SkyEurope is among the foremost and biggest Central European low-cost airline, having thirty-seven destinations in nineteen countries and seventy-three routes, including Copenhagen. As a discount-carrier from offering low-cost fares, the airline is well-equipped that will readily compete in the European market.

Iceland Express
This low-cost airline based in Iceland, operates flights between London and Reykjavik, Frankfurt and Copenhagen, with thirteen airports in Germany, Scandinavia, Switzerland, France, Spain, and Netherlands. The airline offers low-fares, no restrictions on length of stay, no Sunday-rule, and easy e-ticketing and online booking on their website.

Cheap flights to Copenhagen through one of these low-cost airlines will surely fit every traveler’s budget requirements; just keep in mind that the best way to get the best deal is to always compare flight prices.