UK Locum Agencies

UK Locum Agencies

Locum means working in a temporary position as a substitute for another person for a fix period of time. The term locum originally related to physicians only but is now used as a generic term for temporary employees. Locum doctors are used as temporary staff by a hospital or a clinic for a specified period of time through various locum agencies in the UK.

Locum agencies have experienced locum doctors, GP locums and allied health professionals on their books. These doctors are made available to the National Health Service, private sector hospitals and GP surgeries. Agencies recruit doctors across the full range of grades and specialisations. Some agencies have a wide network of contacts and work hard to place you in the right working environment.

Locums are flexible workers and available to cover positions at short notice. To register with a locum agency, you must have the relevant medical qualifications and certification, registration with the NMC or GMC, minimum 6-12 months UK experience in your relevant specialty, valid UK working visa, EU passport or Right to Abode certificate, Hepatitis B and C immunization.

Locum salaries will be paid by the agency or the employer. Locums will generally get an hourly rate of pay according to their grade and specialisation. Hourly rates can vary depending on the time of day or night, weekday or weekend. Agencies treat their doctors well so that they can approach them for future work placements.

Tips for Locums
Have a contract that details the working hours and payment rate
Be able to exercise a level of control over where, when and for how long you work
Keep a record of your work
Develop your own contacts
Claim for travel and subsistence where appropriate
Keep copies of all correspondence and contracts
Always confirm your hourly rate of pay
Summary : Locum agencies provide temporary positions to physicians. Agencies will specialise in certain areas so it is important to make contact with the right agency for your needs.