Seven Tips On Moving To Europe

Seven Tips On Moving To Europe

The long-awaited opportunity has arrived for many Americans to relocate to Europe for business or pleasure – a dream they may have had all their lives. However, the task of moving can be a bit overwhelming. The following are tips on making your journey to Europe, a little easier as well as an online source to keep you up-to-date on European current events.

1. Be sure to make a “to do” checklist. Now this may seem obvious but so many people don’t do it. Review your list to make certain that all your medical records are being sent where they need to go, financial matters are handled appropriately(whether you are closing or opening an account, selling property, etc.)and bills are paid. If you should move back to the States, you don’t want to be slammed with a bunch of unresolved debt notices. Also, forward mail with the post office or contact the companies directly that you want to have mail sent to your new address.

2. Bring a handy foreign language guide and brush up on what Europeans like and don’t like about American behaviors and what are the latest scams being used on foreign travelers.

3. If you can have some of your favorite foods, keepsakes, or other needed supplies sent via mail, (you will have to check with the post office and customs) then do so. It may help you get over any nostalgia you may feel once you get there.

4. Designate a family member or trusted friend to handle any matters that you may have not had anytime to deal with before you go.

5. Check with the airline to ensure that you have a seat, the flight is on time and any new standards that may have come up since you last contacted them.

6. Besides your cell phone and email address, don’t forget to let family and friends know your home phone number, address, neighbor’s address and phone and work address and phone. This way they have a variety of ways to reach you in case of emergencies.

7. If you are seeking an easy and accurate website to find all the latest news in European business, politics, policies, earnings, health, law, technology and much more, then look no further than the Wall Street Journal Europe. Click on the link following this article for savings and have a wonderful move!