European Cruises: The New Way To “sea” Europe

European Cruises: The New Way To “sea” Europe

Europe bound travelers who want to get the most value for their money should seriously consider Europe cruises. And to meet the expected demand for Europe cruises, cruise lines are offering exciting and diverse European cruise itineraries.

According to a recent article, a 10 day Europe land tour for a family of four could cost 45% more than a Europe cruise for the same family. Add the exchange rate to that, and it should be clear that a cruise simply makes more “cents”.

Still not convinced that cruising in Europe is an incredible value? Then consider these benefits:

1. You would wake up in a different European port each day
2. You could visit several European countries during one vacation
3. You unpack only ONCE!!
4. You are pampered and treated to the finest cuisine and amenities
5. You have better control over your expenses, since most cruise prices include both accommodations and food.

Holland America offers a vast amount of European cruise destinations, visiting more than 136 cities and 13 maiden ports of calls in 2007. These exciting European cruise vacations will range from 10 days to 56 days, enough choice and diversity to offer something for everyone!

Where can you go? How does the Baltic, Scandinavia , France, Great Britain, Greece, Spain , or Italy sound? And that is just mentioning a few that easily come to mind. So…move over land tours. Make way for the new trend in European travel: European cruise vacations!

Fun, Sea and Edutainment At One Affordable price!

The average cruise costs between 0-00, and travelers can save even more by taking advantage of available senior discounts and family discounts. Compare that to the cost of a “traditional” land tours. Once you factor in the cost of planes, accommodations, vehicles and food, you will come to the logical conclusion, that a cruise is a much better choice.

Add to that the fact that cruise vacations include visiting three to four destinations in one vacation and it is hard to imagine getting more bang for your dollar. But cruise lines are competing to offer even more!

Travelers nowadays are looking for more than just laying around in the sun, they are looking for intellectual stimulation and fulfillment during their vacations as well. To meet this demand, cruise lines are offering bigger ships, more innovative onboard facilities, global itineraries and ports with interesting shore excursions, highly themed and specific cruises, and outstanding onboard enrichment programs!

So make this your year to take your first cruise or relive the joys of a second or third one. Cruises are not just a luxury anymore, they are a cost-effective, economical and highly entertaining alternative vacation.

Fun, sea and edutainment at a price you can afford!