Capital of Spain

Capital of Spain

Considered as European Union’s third most densely inhabited metropolis, Madrid, the capital of Spain is situated on the Manzanares River in the heart of the country. The said body of water is located between Castilla- La Mancha and Castilla- Leon, two communities that are independent to each other. Madrid is regarded as among Iberian Peninsula’s financial hubs because of its history and wealth.

Back when the country was still an empire, Madrid was already regarded as the state’s headquarters. If right now you tour around the capital of Spain, you will still be able to feel the great culture and rich politics within its boundaries. Authorities did a noble job in being able to preserve the classic structures, from the neighborhoods down to the pavements. At present, wonderful venues for excursions include the Royal Palace, Buen Retiro Park, National Library, Thyssen- Bornemisza Museum and Opera House, among the others.

When democracy was revived after General Francisco Franco passed away in 1975, the center of Spain played a significant role in the economy boost of the whole continent. It is because the country is already part of the elite circle of the European Union (EU). The EU is the world’s biggest organization of autonomous federations formed by the Maastricht Treaty. Due to the accomplishment, Madrid is now heralded as one of the most prominent metropolises.

If you are wondering where the name Madrid originated, do not be surprised if you will hear a lot of stories because it really has several versions. There is one which says that the capital of Spain was founded by the son of King Tirenio, Ocno Bianor who christened it with “Metragirta.” There were also other individuals who said that the capital of Spain came from the word “Ursa” which means bear in the Latin language. It was for the reason that there was a lot of such kind of mammals thriving in the nearby jungle.

With all the narratives, it is now believed that “Madrid” stemmed from the second century BC. It was at that period when the Romans built a settlement along the coast of the Manzanares River. It was called “Matrice” as the first village constructed in the fifth century AD, which became the capital of Spain known now as Madrid.