Packing Your Backpack for Europe

Packing Your Backpack for Europe

Nothing beats backpacking in Europe if you get the opportunity. So, you probably want to know what to pack for Europe.

Packing Your Backpack for Europe

Millions of people head off to Europe on a backpacking trip each year. Having done it five times, I can tell you that it will be one of the best times of your life. That being said, you must take some things with you. On the positive side, you don’t need that much.

Europe is not another planet. I mention this because you should keep in mind you can buy everything there if you forget it here. The first time people go backpacking in Europe, they tend to completely overdue it on the packing front. You are not climbing Mount Everest, so don’t overdue it!

The first things to pack are clothes. Depending on where you are going, you may need clothes for warm weather or cold. Assuming it is warm, you need a couple of shirts that are wrinkle resistant. You will buy others there, so don’t pack ten. You also will need a pair of shorts and a bathing suit. If you plan on visiting museums and churches, you will need a pair of long pants to get into many of them. Pack something light that is wrinkle resistant.

For your feet, you can load up on socks because they do not take much space. You will need some sandals and then a pair of something comfortable. Some prefer hiking boots, but I usually went with cross trainers. Whatever you do, make sure you get used to the shoes before heading off. You are going to walk a lot, so blisters from new shoes can be a killer.

On the personal front, you need a brush, toothpaste and any medicinal needs. That is it. You can buy anything else you need as you need it. There is zero point to lugging around shampoo all over Europe. Murphy’s law says it will open in your backpack! Keep it super simple.

While your trip will result in great memories, they will fade in time. Take a camera and, of course, one of our travel journals. The camera should be hardy so it can take the inevitable beating that will occur. Our Nomad travel journals are compact and in a case. They are perfect for trips to Europe because we were on one when we got the idea!

Europeans can read. This means you can buy guidebooks over there. If you plan to visit three or four countries, take the guidebook for the FIRST country only. You can pick up the others over there or trade with other backpackers. Guidebooks are heavy and this will save you the aggravation of hauling them everywhere. Also, cybercafés are everywhere, so you do not need to bring a laptop unless you really have a specific need.

Finally, keep copies of your passport and any supporting documentation with you. One set goes in your backpack while another goes in your shorts, money belt or wherever you have space.

Pack light. If you forget something, you can buy it over there. Have a blast!