Paris Jobs

Paris Jobs

Summary: You should know the procedure and requirements in looking for Paris jobs so that you will know what are needed to do and acquire.

One of the first things you should know if you want to look for a Paris jobs is that unless you speak fluent French, your chances of getting any job position are minimal. France has a high rate of unemployment, especially among the young. Therefore, there are lots of well qualified, well educated French jobseekers who will provide tough competition for you.

If you are an EU national or married to one, you don not need to get a work permit but as you have a job and a place to live, you are required to acquire a residence permit if you plan to stay and work for more than three months. For non-EU nationals, however, it is almost impossible to get Paris jobs because of the work permit situation. Entry permit and working visa must be obtained before you can enter France. Non-EU nationals can inquire about the procedures and requirements for temporary visa at the Office des Migrations Internationales (OMI). To all the foreign nationals, it is hard to rent a house without a job because proof of employment is required by landlord.

In looking for a job, you must first look from your home or your own country before you move to Paris. Pick a target job. Get listings of international companies as this companies are more likely to be in need of bilingual skills. You can definitely make use of your English language by teaching English; there are job hiring for English teachers, and you should know that TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is the most recognized qualification.

Since, Paris is a place where many tourists visit all throughout the year, there will always be part-time, seasonal, clerical, and many other Paris jobs related to tourism like there is always a need for a cook, apartment cleaners, baby sitters, etc.

Job advertisements for position in France are advertised in the international press. If you are looking for a management positions look in The Financial Times and The International Herald Tribune; for bilingual secretarial positions look in The Times Crème de la Crème section and The Guardian. By reading these papers, you will have an idea of what kind of experience and qualifications the employers are looking for.

Your CV or résumé can be one or two pages. You just have to make a good impression because in just a few seconds, the person who is recruiting will see from your CV what experience or training you had gained. Take extra care in setting out your CV as this is your only chance to the next step which is the interview. With regards to your cover letter, it should be sent together with your CV to give emphasis to your personality. Some would require you to make your cover letter in by hand but at present, email is used for sending job applications.

No matter what type of job you are looking for, you should always be happy with whatever job you will land on in Paris. Looking for Paris jobs may not be that easy, so it is better to give your best shot.