Traveling By Train For Your Vacations

Traveling By Train For Your Vacations

A different and charming way of seeing the countryside, during vacations, that almost seems a part of an era long past is by traveling by train. During the early years of the century a journey by train travel was the usual way of seeing the countryside, but in today’s jet age very few people travel by train like they did before. It is only those, still lucky enough to ride a train, who can appreciate the beauty of the landscape.

Where else could you have the luxury of driving 60 miles per hour in a luxury coach car with comfortable seats, cold drink in hand and a pillow to rest your head, and people to pamper you silly? You could watch cows in the fields as travel, while having drinks served to your taste. Most major cities in the US are provided train service by Amtrak. The Amtrak passenger travels in the utmost comfort. You can add more cities and regions to your list of “been there, seen that”, places like Salt Lake City, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Sacramento, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Nashville, San Francisco, Kansas City, Denver, St. Louis, New Orleans, and Dallas.

European locations are invariably better connected by the railway system. Most people in Europe travel by buying a Euro rail pass, or Brit rail while traveling through UK. By buying a Euro rail pass you are guaranteed unlimited train travel throughout Europe. College kids having a Euro rail pass pack a backpack with few basics, and hit the track. You could take a train to Paris, spend the day visit the Eiffel tower apart from other tourist spots, and catch a train in the evening, sleep in peace only to depart when you are done with traveling. If you are on the right train, at the right time, you could be in the South of France, even San Rafael, St. Tropez or Nice. Sight seeing here could be as simple as jumping off the train, claiming a patch on the beach and jumping into the Mediterranean Sea for a swim!

Once you are done, flash your Euro rail pass and hop onto the train again to Amsterdam, visiting Holland’s biggest and greatest city. Having lived it up in Amsterdam, board the train again heading towards Germany, possible down south towards Bavaria. Drop by Munich and feast on its wonderful heritage. Peep into the Olympic Village; and hope that you are lucky to visit during the renowned Bavarian beer fest, so you can have a blast.

A train journey offers a relaxing and unique experience, be it in Europe or America, like no other transport can even compare with. A train is as luxurious as your home, with delicious food at your service from the dining car, friendly people for company, a variety of cultures to learn, to top it all you are being chauffeur-driven. A train journey could truly be an experience by itself.