Investing in Bulgarian Property – The Fast Track to Huge Capital Gains

Investing in Bulgarian Property – The Fast Track to Huge Capital Gains

There are amazing profits to be made in the Bulgarian property market. Careful research can even uncover properties that offer instant equity and guaranteed returns.

Bulgaria is currently the EU investment hotspot. The prospect of capital gains of 30% per annum, and the cheapest property in Europe is attracting investors from across the globe.

Millions of euros are being spent each and every month by investors eager to cash in and this is set to continue unabated, with the prospect of full EU accession in 2007. Entry into the European Community always prompts massive price increases, with 100% capital gains in a single year, quite commonplace.

All property types in Bulgaria offer incredible value for money and are experiencing good capital gains across the board. However, with careful research, unbelievable opportunities are to be found in this booming market.

The sheer volume of properties can offer a bewildering choice and in any region or resort the asking price of the properties on sale can vary massively. It is vital to accurately gauge the market value of each particular area.

In the off plan market especially, developers will launch their new projects with introductory discounts to stimulate sales. Properties are available with discounts of up to 20%.

The property for sale in Bulgaria is primarily designed for the holiday trade and corporate letting market. Forward thinking developers, have already begun to sign agreements with major holiday companies and corporations for letting the properties they are building. The income generated is then passed to the purchaser, as a further inducement to stimulate sales.

There are currently deals available which will offer anything between 2% to 15% as a guaranteed rental.

Bulgaria offers the best investment opportunity around today. The low cost of entry, consistent prices rises and the expected capital gains surge from EU accession next year, provide an irresistible mix for the property novice and seasoned investor alike.”> offer a free service to locate either resale or off plan properties, with prices that range from under £10,000. With offices both in the UK and Bulgaria they have a wealth of local knowledge and a massive portfolio to choose from.