France vs. Denmark

France vs. Denmark

One of the best teams in the history of soccer is France. They have participated in 11 editions of the World Cup. France’s most successful years were the late 1990s, the generation of Zidane and others. This team played in the semifinals of Euro 96, two years later hosted and won the 1998 World Cup and two years later won Euro 2000.

They also won the UEFA European championship in 1984 and finished third in 1958 and 1986 in the FIFA World Cup.

But with no doubt the most impressive achievement France has ever got is the Championship against Brazil in home soil with a sensational 3-0. That had a million euphoric Frenchmen and women sing and danced all night long on the famous Champs Elysees in Paris. The celebrations went on for days.

They’re preparing for the World Cup in Germany. France has one of the best squads since their World Cup title on home soil. They go with everything they have, including veteran star Zinedine Zidane who’s planning to retire after the tournament. Also they have young players like Giuly and Givet, rising stars in the French squad.

One of the friendly matches they will have before the start of the tournament is against Denmark who coincidently was one of their rivals in Korea/Japan. In the group stage, it will be a good match between these two squads.

On the other side Denmark is not going to Germany but they still continue with the friendly matches that give some exposure to the young players and it will help the team to prepare for the EURO 2008 qualifiers after the World Cup.

They finished only one point behind Turkey in the group two in the Europe Zone qualifiers; it is a shame for Denmark and their fans that are accustomed for their team to go to the final stage. Now they can only wait for the EURO 2008 to redeem in Europe’s soccer scene.

If you like sports betting, this is a great chance to track your favorite team, and see how they’re doing before the World Cup starts and make your bets once the tournament starts.